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About TW Accounting & Business Solutions

We’re a full-service Gold Coast based accounting firm, happy to handle the mundane right through to the curve balls. We’ve never been afraid of thinking “outside the box” and have worked with business of all shapes and sizes, helping them rethink accounting from being a quarterly hurdle, to an opportunity. From an idea scribbled on a napkin, to start-ups, mergers and franchises, our expertise can help you start, grow and scale.

accountants gold coast

accountant gold coast

A team with an alternative approach to accounting

We’re a multidisciplinary team, meaning we bring a lot of skills to the table. We’re Chartered Accountants, bookkeepers and business strategists focused on understanding the bigger picture of where you want to be financially. From opening hours, right down to your inherent culture, we also understand that every business is unique.

Partnering with our team means we’ll get to the heart of what makes you tick, and ensure you keep ticking with strategic and personalised business solutions. By forming close relationships with our clients, our goal is to, quite simply, help you make better business decisions and operate smarter.

Think of us as the silver lining

They say every cloud has a silver lining. And whilst accounting, compliance and taxes can seem like a dark cloud to navigate, we’re there to provide the professional assurance and support you need. We’re down-to-earth, boutiquey (yes, actually a word), Gold Coast-based, servicing the wider South East Queensland and Northern Rivers regions.

Principal, CA

Tom Welch

Tom is the principal here at TW, and leads by example. A numbers genius, SME and SMSF specialist with no off switch (that we’re aware of), Tom brings a youthful enthusiasm and curiosity to the field. Having climbed the ranks in rival firms for over a decade, Tom saw an opportunity to deliver both accounting and business advisory services in a way that broke down the traditional mould of suit and tie accounting. Tom in three words? Approachable, knowledgeable, intuitive.

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Associate, CA

Tiffany Herridge

Efficient, enthusiastic and ambitious. Tiffany is our CA wielding senior accountant and brings well over a decade of business accounting experience to the table. With an unwavering drive, Tiff is on a continual path to betterment in both her own skillset and the results she achieves for her clients. A high level of industry knowledge and strong analytical skills means your business accounting is in particularly good hands.

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Office Manager/Executive Assistant

Paige Goulter

If anyone is to be crowned for their organisational skills and meticulous ‘to-do’ lists it will be Paige. Helpful, light-hearted, with the innate ability to have a laugh one minute and assist a client with an ASIC inquiry the next. A typical day encompasses responding to emails and calls,  setting up trusts, drinking good quality coffee and fostering the TW culture that we’re so proud of.

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Senior Accountant

Brooke Browning

A coffee-lover and modest culinary queen, Brooke is best described as charismatic, dependable and a sponge for knowledge. When not applying her accounting wisdom to better position clients, you will find Brooke building her knowledge base across all areas of taxation and compliance, welcoming new clients and mentoring the team. A natural born communicator with a “come what may” approach, Brooke adapts to the constantly evolving business environment with ease and enthusiasm.

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