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Brooke Browning

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Senior Accountant

It takes a special person to love taxation strategy, and Brooke is that person. From identifying tax problems to developing effective solutions, and staying one step ahead of legislation, Brooke has a gift for using her taxation knowledge to better her clients’ positions and structure. Brooke has a particular interest in the construction sector, ranging from sole traders to multi-entity construction and development businesses. Her other niche is startups, which as a Gold Coast-based firm, we have an abundance of young entrepreneurs that benefit from Brooke’s highly personalized approach to supporting their growth.


  • Ecommerce & retail sector
  • Taxation strategy
  • Construction sector
  • Professional services


  • ICAA Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting
  • Bachelor of Business, Accounting and Finance

History Lesson

Brookes’s diverse career has seen her work across the hospitality and lottery industries before committing over a decade to the accounting and finance sector. As a person that is always looking to build on her knowledge, Brooke has an impressive record of credentials, workshops, training, and accolades which she is always building upon.    

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