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Tiffany Herridge

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Tiffany has been part of the TW team for over 5 years, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge spanning all areas of business accounting.  With a particular interest in business growth and taxation law, Tiffany is passionate about seeing her clients succeed. By taking a proactive and strategic approach to her client’s finances, Tiffany delivers effective solutions whilst ensuring they remain compliant and pay no more tax than required.


  • Healthcare/Medical sector
  • Entertainment & hospitality sector
  • Cash flow management
  • Taxation law


  • ICAA Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting
  • Bachelor of Business, Accounting and Business Management

History Lesson

Tiffany has been fine-tuning her accounting and advisory prowess for over 12 years, and the journey has seen her work across a range of niche industries, including adult entertainment, medical professionals, and startups. Before stepping into her role at TW, Tiffany has worked in both boutique and mid-tier firms across the Gold Coast.

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