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Crunching Numbers


Preparation of annual financial statements Business Activity Statement preparation & lodgement Budget preparation & monitoring Cash-flow forecasting External CFO support Annual company reviews Bookkeeping solutions (MYOB, Quickbooks, Excel) Read More…

Creating The Foundations

Business Structuring

Business Start-ups Business structuring of companies, trusts & partnerships Business finance Business plans Implementation of procedures & software Company secretarial requirements Cash flow projections Read More…

Because It’s Here To Stay


Convert your business operations to a paperless model, mother nature will love you for it Say goodbye to data entry and hello to smarter data flow solutions Achieve cash flow clarity Speed up invoicing and inventory tracking Get your business mobile Read More…

Keeping The Taxman Happy


Annual Income Tax Returns for a Company, Partnership, Trust and/or Individuals Monthly and/or Quarterly Business & Installment Activity Statement Fringe Benefits Tax Returns Tax Planning GST obligations Capital Gains Tax advice Managing ATO audits and disputes Read More…

Planning For The Good Life


Compliance and Advice Preparation of Financial Statements Annual Tax Return Audit Retirement Planning Pension and Income Stream Bare Trust and Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangement Assistance with Property Purchase and Finance Requirements Business Activity Statements Instalment Activity Statements Recontribution Strategy Read More…

You’ve Got Better Things To Do


Payroll services Payment processing Software solutions Read More…

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  • “TW Accounting are easy to deal with, transparent in their approach and true professionals in solving complex issues. Would highly recommend.”

    Jed Carey
    Eyedea Technology Solutions
  • “Tom, from TW Accounting is professional and friendly and has looked after our company as if it were his own.”

    Melanie White
    Peace Love & Vegetables
  • “Great one-on-one service. Nothing is ever too small or too hard. Always contactable, not like the big firms”

    Andrew Harding
    Tiger Earthworx
  • “TW accountants bring personability to the professional accounting arena with unmatched service and quality of work.”

    Adam Yarrington
    Peace Love & Vegetables
  • “TW Accounting has been an inexpensive and beneficial asset to my business. I’ve already recommended to a few of my clients”

    Elise O’Donnell
    The Beaute Room
Small Business Accountants Queensland by TW Accounting
Here at TW Accounting we pride ourselves on being the best accounting firm Queensland.
7 Things to look for when hiring an accountant for your business.

1. Professionalism

Your business accountant is one of the members of your business team who will be representing you in front of the ATO if the time comes, so its essential that they follow the same levels of professionalism that your company portrays. The same can be said in reverse if you’re a trade business, or only run your business in a more casual manner, then you don’t want to have a corporate style accountant in your corner because your values won’t align on many matters. Being Queensland Based, we recognize that our clients do business in a more relaxed way, so while maintaining the highest levels of quality, we do the very same thing. We are much more casual accountants than you would usually find at a large accounting firm. We like to get to know our clients and understand what your Queensland accounting needs are. The more we get to know you as a client, and the more we get to understand your business, the more we can help you with your growth and financial goals.

2. Referrals

As a small business owner, your accountant has the power to make or break your business. If they do a great job, you’ll find your profits soar and your tax bill drop. However, if they aren’t a good tax agent Queensland, then you could find yourself in all sorts of trouble. It’s always good practice to check reviews & referrals from previous clients before hiring any accountant to help your business.

3. Qualifications

As with most fields, there are several different levels of qualifications that accountants can receive, and this has a dramatic impact on what they can do for your business. levels are: Basic accountant – They have completed a university degree, and have the ability to do basic accounting needs, but can not recommend or submit on tax matters CPA Queensland- A Chartered Public Accountant, or CPA, can offer more detailed advice in the matters of investments, taxes, mergers and acquisitions for your business. Tax Agent – A Tax Accountant can submit taxes, and work as your point of contact with the ATO.

4. Costs

Fees that you’ll pay your accountant can vary widely depending on the service and internal structure of the business. For example accounting firms will charge more than individual accountants will because of the extra overheads that they have as a business. If you’re looking for small business accountants, then look for a sole operator who has low business overheads, as they’ll make your price more affordable. When looking for the right accounting firm its not recommended to price shop, but rather to ‘value shop’. Due to the nature of what an Accountant or tax advisor does, quite often, hiring a more experienced, company will result in a greater amount of tax savings, netting you a higher overall return. For example, if you hire a cheaper accountant, and they miss a large amount of deductions you’re entitled to, this mistake is likely going to cost you much more than if you hired a more expensive firm initially who saved you more.

5. Reputation

Your business, success, and profits are on the line, so you want to ensure that your accountant has an excellent reputation. Reading Reviews are an excellent way to determine who is the best accountant in your region. By working with the best, your business will get the best. Here at TW Accounting we pride ourselves on ensure all of our clients not only are happy, but are getting the biggest tax savings possible, and the most proactive financial advice to ensure the long term success of their businesses.

6. Experience

Experience is another major factor you should look at before choosing your Accountant. For example, if you’re looking for tax return Queensland, then you’re going to need a far less experienced accountant than if you’re structuring a corporate merger. Regardless of what you’re looking for, always ask them how much experience they have in the field and how many clients they’ve helped. You should also ask your accountant which professional bodies they belong to as this can give you a strong insight into which sorts of businesses they can help the most. Are they a CPA or a CA? That is, a Chartered Public Accountant, or a Chartered Accountant. In general, A CPA is more suited to smaller businesses, where a CA is more suited to enterprise style clients. With this said, both have extremely strong skill-sets which can help you grow your sales.

7. Ethical approach

Although your accountant submits taxes on your behalf, it’s ultimately up to you to ensure information is correct and accurate when you’re hiring an Accountant Queensland. This is why it’s important to get a very clear picture of the ethics and level of risk that your accountant is happy to take, and ensuring that it matches those of your business.   Hiring an accountant to help you manage your finances, tax compliance, and cashflow management can be a daunting decision. However when you find the right Queensland based accountant, you’ll get much more than just a number cruncher. That is why here at TW Accounting we make it our mission to ensure that each and every client’s experience with us is positive and enjoyable.  
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