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Putting in place the right foundations for your construction or property development business with tailored contruction industry accounting

Tailored construction industry accounting. Forward-thinking accounting for developers

Those working in construction, trades or property development would know all too well the fast-paced and diverse nature of the industry. Business structures are variable, income and expenses can fluctuate dramatically, and no two projects are alike. We can put the right systems in place so you can efficiently manage your budgets, cashflow, project team, contracts and taxation obligations.

Putting in place the right foundations for your construction or development business

As an industry that is more fluid and changeable than conventional business structures, it makes staying on top of your accounts more important than ever. We have partnered with countless business owners, ranging from sole traders to larger construction companies and those in the property development game. We get to know the ins and outs of your operation, create efficiencies, stay on top of your financial obligations and deliver real-time advice so you always know where you stand. Just think of us as an extension of your company.

How TW Accounting can help with your construction accounting

Managing variable payrolls

Builders, electricians, plumbers, roofers – regardless of your trade, we understand that payroll in the construction and trades industry can get complex, especially when there are multiple contractors and sub-contractors involved. We’re there to eliminate discrepancies, keep payments on schedule and rates in line, so you can get on with the job.

Tax, BAS lodgements and everything in between

When juggling multiple projects, employees, long hours and the numerous regulations that come with practicing a trade, little time or energy is left for meticulous bookkeeping. This is why many construction and trade businesses simply survive, not thrive. We not only take care of the routine acronyms, such as GST, BAS, PAYG and EOFY, we also take the time to implement smarter quoting and invoicing software, expense tracking and forecasting tools. We give you to tools to build a successful business.

Keeping track of costs

It’s time to clean out the glovebox of crumpled receipts for the very last time. We can set you up with a streamlined, cloud-based system for keeping track of all your outgoings. Without up-to-date financial records, it’s hard to make informed business decisions. We tailor accounting software and features to match your business and do the heavy lifting for you.

Accounting for property developers

Getting the business structure right

Dealing with the elephants in the room: property accounting and GST

Before you roll out the blueprint, consider your own business structure. Is it working for you financially? We help you weight up the options, such as sole trader, company, partnership or trust. Our Gold Coast team are experienced in all aspects of business structuring, taking into consideration your need for flexibility, asset protection, easy access to capital and tax minimisation.

You purchase land or an existing property, you sell it for a neat profit – sounds relatively straight forward. But there are a number of elephants in the room that have the capacity to make or break a property development business. Dealing with GST, as well as differentiating between capital and revenue, are just a few of the intricacies that we love to help our clients navigate.

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