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How Much Does It Cost to Manage a SMSF?

By TW Business & Accounting Services

How much does it cost to manage a SMSF?

In the vast and intricate world of financial management, few acronyms carry as much weight as SMSF — the Self-Managed Super Fund. Offering unparalleled control over investment decisions, a SMSF is the choice for many who seek to fine-tune their financial futures with a dash of autonomy. But as the old adage goes, with great power comes great responsibility, and managing a SMSF isn’t just about the potential returns, it’s also about the financial landscape you must navigate.

SMSF Setup Costs

Establishment Fees

Launching a SMSF requires a solid financial footing. Initial establishment fees can vary drastically, often ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. These fees cover the paperwork associated with setting up the trust, the rules of the SMSF, and the initial legal requirements. Software packages for DIY setups might reduce this cost, but beware — the expenses are not the only measure of establishing a robust SMSF. Accurate setup is crucial to avoiding penalties later on.

Financial and Accounting Expenses

Seeking financial and accounting advice during the setup phase of the SMSF is a non-negotiable expense. Professional guidance ensures that your fund is established correctly and in accordance with legal requirements. The budget for these services should be flexible, accounting for time, expertise, and geographic variations.

The role of a financial planner: Any advice on SMSFs, including the best strategy, structure and investment recommendations can be provided by a financial planner that holds an AFS licence. A financial planner can advise on whether or not a SMSF is the best option for you, or whether you should remain in a non-SMSF superannuation fund.

The role of an accountant: An accountant cannot offer financial advice on SMSFs. The accountant’s role involves SMSF operating, structuring, administrating, record keeping and ensuring compliance.

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Ongoing Expenses

Investment Costs

What’s a financial vessel without the cargo? Investing through a SMSF means you need to consider brokerage costs, management fees for investment professionals, and initial purchase or sale spreads. Whether you’re focusing on stocks, bonds, property, or something more exotic, each investment vehicle comes with its price tag. These costs, over time, can add up and subtly eat into your retirement savings if not carefully assessed.

SMSF Administration Costs

Whether you choose to outsource administration or take on the task yourself, there are costs involved. High-quality administration ensures that your SMSF stays in line with regulatory changes, which in turn can help you avoid penalties. Cloud-based accounting solutions, standalone software, or professional firms — each come with their own schedule of fees.

Audit and Compliance Charges

The legal requirement of an annual audit to maintain compliance is a critical — and recurring — SMSF cost. Auditor fees depend on the complexity and size of the SMSF and can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Compliance charges are often intertwined with administrative costs but can add a layer of complexity when handling regulatory changes and ATO reporting stipulations.

Hidden Costs

Insurance Premiums

Insurance is another annual cost often overlooked when estimating the expenses of a SMSF. Members of a SMSF are not eligible to receive compensation if they suffer a loss, which makes insuring against theft, fraud, damage to property, and professional liability all the more important. Insurance premiums for a SMSF may be higher due to the broad coverage required.

Investment Platform Fees

Using an external platform to execute and manage investments can be a strategic move, but these platforms often come with management fees that may range anywhere from a few basis points to a percentage of assets. When spent wisely, these fees are justified by the returns and the convenience of professional investment management.

Exit Fees

Exiting or winding up a SMSF prior to retirement can also bring unexpected costs. These could include termination fees for investment platforms, legal charges for transferring assets out of the fund, and accounting expenses associated with finalizing the financial accounts of the SMSF. Proper planning and foresight can minimize these costs significantly.

Comparative Analysis

Comparison with Traditional Superannuation Funds

One of the most significant advantages of SMSFs is the potential for lower costs compared to retail and industry superannuation funds, which often charge asset-based fees. A SMSF can offer cost savings when managed efficiently, especially for larger balances, as the fixed costs associated with running the fund are spread over a more significant investment pool.

Tips to Manage Costs

Cost-Effective Strategies

Adopting a cost-aware investment approach, such as index funds or direct investment rather than actively managed funds, can help reduce expenses. Additionally, bundling services from the same provider might result in package discounts that prove beneficial in the long run.

Seeking Professional Advice

Sometimes the smartest investments you’ll make are the ones that help you avoid poor decisions or overlooked costs. Seeking financial, legal, and accounting advice from professionals experienced in SMSFs can provide valuable insights and save money by steering clear of costly mistakes.


Managing a SMSF can lead to greater financial empowerment and the potential for enhanced returns. However, the costs associated cannot be understated. From the initial setup to the hidden fees, understanding and accounting for all possible expenses ensures that your SMSF remains a rewarding and sustainable vessel throughout your retirement. For those considering this path, careful financial planning and diligent cost management are the compass to a fruitful SMSF voyage.


This website and any documents contain general information only and should not be taken as financial advice. You, or in consultation with a financial planner, need to consider your investment objectives, financial situation, and your particular needs before making an investment decision.